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Resume 2020 au cern Il sera graduellement remplacé par :


Its creation had been triggered by a change of institute and activities, after a PhD @ LAL (now IJCLab ) on the FREJUS experiment, 30 years of CERN based contributions to the  DELPHI & ATLAS experiments, and 6 years of full time involvement in CERN & LHC communication, education & outreach activities...

2021 is a new start in Annecy le Vieux @ LAPP, where I'll look after the new born EUTOPIA platform as 

"Chargée de mission Vulgarisation, Formation & Engagement Sociétal"

On our plate, for the years to come : the FCC Innovation Study EU project, as FCC - if accepted and built - will modify strongly the links between CERN and the Annecy area; the success of CERN's neutrino platform, where LAPP contributes to Proto-Dune and, last but not least, the recent CERN open data policy which opens the door to new ATLAS and Dark Matter related educational material, both in terms of tools and content.

This is why this site, originally put together in "cernois" (a local & distorted version of English) will stay hosted at CERN but...

Va de plus en plus être en Français !

Il n'est en rien officiel et loin d'être visuellement parfait. Mais on y trouve les liens qui me sont les plus utiles, des nouvelles des projets partenaires, collègues et artistes que j'ai pu croiser en chemin. Plus quelques idées pour le futur ? 

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